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M.Sc. (Computer)


  • In response to the exponentially growing demand for well trained post-graduates in Mathematics from Institutions with professional excellence, the Karnataka State Open University is offering a Two year semester based M.Sc. Mathematics Degree Programme (Two Semester per year-Total Four Semester). The programme is specially designed for Teachers, Engineers, computer Scientists and others who are interested in Mathematics but could not pursue a Master degree programme in Mathematics for various reasons. The Karnataka State Open University’s M.Sc. Mathematics programme is a tightly scheduled, highly structured, and application oriented.
  • Mathematics is as old as mankind and civilization. Mathematics is advancing at spectacular rate and it is about logical analysis, decision making, deductions, precision and is also about quantity, space, change and structure. Mathematics has a pervasive influence on our everyday lives, and contributes to the wealth of the country. The curriculum is framed using time tested and Internationally well-known books and is also based on the feed back from the best programmes available in our country. The curriculum includes different branches of mathematics that have a wide range of practical applications such as Algebra, Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, computer programming, Mathematical Statistics and Operation Research. The curriculum is so developed that the study of mathematics can satisfy a wide range of interests and abilities. It develops the imagination; it trains in clear and logical thought.
  • Those who qualify in M.Sc. Mathematics are in fortunate position of having a wide range of career choices. The abilities to use logical thought, to make deduction from assumption, to use advanced concepts are all enhanced by a Mathematics degree course. It is for this reason that Mathematicians are increasingly in demand. With M.Sc. Mathematics degree, one should be able to turn his/her hand to Finance, Statistics, Engineering, Computers, Teaching or Accountancy with a success not possible to other post graduates.
  • Candidates who have passed the Three Years B.A/B.Sc/B.Music Degree Examination offering English as Second Language or as a Minor subject at the Degree level are also eligible, provided they have obtained not less than 50 percent of the maximum marks in the above language/subject. Teaching or Accountancy with a success not possible to other post graduates.
  • Candidates who have passed the Four Year B.A.Ed Degree Examination of the University of Mysore (Regional College Scheme) with English as Major/Optional.
  • Candidates who have passed Four Year B.A.Ed or B.Sc.Ed of University of Mysore (Regional College scheme), provided they have obtained not less than 50 percent of marks in Language English. Graduates of any University who have passed Post-Graduate Diploma in English.


Admission is open to:
Candidates who have passed Three Year B.A/B.Sc/B.A (Performing Arts) Degree Examination of any recognized University offering Hindi as a Language Under Group-I or Group-II. Provided they have obtained not less than 50% of marks in language Hindi & 40% in Optional.
Candidates who have passed a degree of any University recognized as equivalent thereto with Hindi as Optional or as Major subject.
Graduates of any recognized University and if the candidate is not studied either Hindi as Language or as Optional then the following examinations will be treated as equivalent to Language and Optional Hindi (But the Candidate must be a Graduate of a recognized University) one of the following Hindi Examinations:-
Rashtrabhasha Praveen or Rashtrabhasha Vishard Examination of the Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachara Sabha, Chennai.

First Year


First Semester
Subject CodeSubjectCredit
MBA01Management Theory & Practice5
MBA02Managerial Economics5
MBA03Accounting for Managers5
MBA04Organizational Behaviour5
MBA05Quantitative Techniques5
MBA06Business Ethics & Values5
Second Semester
Subject CodeSubjectCredit
MBA07Information System & Computer Application5
MBA08Business Law5
MBA09Financial Management5
MBA010Marketing Management5
MBA011Human Asset Management5
MBA012Executive Commun & Research Methodology5

Second Year

First Semester
Subject CodeSubjectCredit
MBA013Management of Entrepreneurship and Small Business5
MBA014Business Policy and Strategic Management5
MBA015Operations Research5
MBA016Organizational BehaviourElectives Stream – 15
MBA017-LElectives Stream – 25
MBA018-LElectives Stream – 35
4th Semester
Subject CodeSubjectCredit
MBA19International Business Environment5
MBA20Operations Management5
MBA021Total Quality Management5
MBA022Electives Stream – 15
MBA023-LElectives Stream – 25
MBA024-LElectives Stream – 35


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